The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright

The Mummy Bloggers is a fun read that brilliantly portrays the competitive world of parenting blogging through three different characters. These characters are all up for the Blog-ahhs award for best blog for which the winner receives a $500,000 dollar prize and could launch them into the blogging stratosphere.

The first character we come across is Elle – The Stylish Mumma, has an enviously immaculate house, two seemingly perfect children and a pristine, gym honed appearance clothed in expensive attire. She is married to Adrian, an older man who was once married to second blogger Abi. Abi goes by the name ‘The Green Diva,’ online and is vastly different to Elle. She is an advocate of attachment parenting, lives in a farmhouse with her partner Grace and lets her children run around freely. She is also an advocate of anything green and eco-friendly and this is reflected in her lifestyle and family’s diet. Abi is known for her shocking controversial statements to increase followers to her blog. Abi’s partner Grace is the sister of third blogger, Leisel, who’s blog, ‘The Working Mum,’ praises parents who are just trying to do the best they can, whilst juggling a busy career. She is the least extreme of the three bloggers and the most universally relatable.

The book takes you into these character’s lives in the run up to the awards ceremony. It is in turns both hilarious and shocking as to the lengths that some of the characters go in order to be in with a chance of winning the award! Nothing it seems is out of bounds, as they furiously approach the deadline for the ceremony. You get to learn about the characters’ back story, so you understand perhaps their reasons though one of them is inexcusable really! (You’ll have to read it to find out what I’m referring to).

Overall, The Mummy Bloggers is an entertaining read that is scarily true to real life you follow parenting blogs, or to be honest ever browse through Instagram, you’ll recognise some of these characters for sure! Luckily there are as many Leisel’s out there as there are Elle’s and Abi’s which is a relief. Social comparison doesn’t help either parents or social media users in general when they try to compare what they think is a perfect or ideal way to live. It is much more refreshing when people can see examples of parents who do a good enough job and show that life is far from perfect rather than trying to perpetuate an interior designed idyll that is far from real. The Mummy Bloggers highlights this and is a refreshing read which will be perfect for a Summer break!

We Can See You by Simon Kernick

We Can See You by Simon Kernick is a thrilling read. Brook Connor is a successful self-help author who finds her life turned upside down one day when her daughter is kidnapped for a ransom of $250,000 dollars.

Things start to get very complicated indeed once her husband Logan Harris becomes involved in the negotiations. She starts to become suspicious of him, once she discovers he has been having extra-marital affairs, one of which is has been with a very dangerous woman.

Brook then finds herself being framed for a murder and the kidnap of her own daughter. This forces her to go renegade and try to find her daughter without the police’s help as she realises that they suspect her and would hinder rather than help her investigation.

There are so many twists and turns in the story that were completely unexpected. It really keeps you on the edge of your seat as you race through the book to find if Paige is recovered safe from harm as you start to see just how ruthless and amoral the people are who were involved in the crime.

This is the first Simon Kernick book that I’ve read and will certainly not be the last. With a quote on the front from Peter James, describing Kernick as ‘…the master of the adrenaline-fuelled ride,’ I knew that the book would be good from the start. It is lovely to discover an author and find that they have a great back catalogue of reads so that you can peruse these too! I would definitely recommend that you read this, especially if you are a fan of grip-lit, psychological thrillers or crime. Especially if you enjoy books resourceful and strong female characters as that is certainly what you find here in the personification of Brook Connor. A great read.