The Killer in Me by Olivia Kiernan

The Killer in Me: The most gripping thriller of 2019 is the second book in the Frankie Sheehan detective series by Olivia Kiernan, set in Ireland.

In this book, Kiernan paints a convincing picture of Frankie who works for The Bureau for Serious Crime. She tries to unravel the mystery of a double murder in her hometown of Clontarf, an affluent suburb of Dublin.

Suspect number one is ex-con Sean Hennessey, who was recently released after being jailed for the double murder of his parents and attempted murder of his sister. Sean is adamant that he is innocent but Frankie is not so sure. Things are further complicated here by the involvement here of her sister-in-law Frankie who is a defence lawyer for ‘Justice Meets Justice,’ a charity that revaluates cases which they believe have been miscarriages of justice. So with family members believing different things, this further muddies the waters.

Kiernan is great at characterisation. You feel there’s a real sense of Frankie’s ambivalence and uncertainty in her narrative. Sean is portrayed as being extremely charming and perhaps dangerous even, in his scenes with Frankie, you feel like she is trapped in a cage with a lion in these tense situations which ratchets up the tension to the nth degree.

This novel is all about families and the dark secrets that they hide. Frankie finds herself drawn in to a complex case that rocks her coastal home to its core. I would recommend reading it if you’ve not done so already.

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