We Can See You by Simon Kernick

We Can See You by Simon Kernick is a thrilling read. Brook Connor is a successful self-help author who finds her life turned upside down one day when her daughter is kidnapped for a ransom of $250,000 dollars.

Things start to get very complicated indeed once her husband Logan Harris becomes involved in the negotiations. She starts to become suspicious of him, once she discovers he has been having extra-marital affairs, one of which is has been with a very dangerous woman.

Brook then finds herself being framed for a murder and the kidnap of her own daughter. This forces her to go renegade and try to find her daughter without the police’s help as she realises that they suspect her and would hinder rather than help her investigation.

There are so many twists and turns in the story that were completely unexpected. It really keeps you on the edge of your seat as you race through the book to find if Paige is recovered safe from harm as you start to see just how ruthless and amoral the people are who were involved in the crime.

This is the first Simon Kernick book that I’ve read and will certainly not be the last. With a quote on the front from Peter James, describing Kernick as ‘…the master of the adrenaline-fuelled ride,’ I knew that the book would be good from the start. It is lovely to discover an author and find that they have a great back catalogue of reads so that you can peruse these too! I would definitely recommend that you read this, especially if you are a fan of grip-lit, psychological thrillers or crime. Especially if you enjoy books resourceful and strong female characters as that is certainly what you find here in the personification of Brook Connor. A great read.

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I believe cultural criticism and analysis should be both accessible and help to further enrich peoples' lives. I have an MA from the University of York in the Sociology of Contemporary Culture and was previously the Chair of a regional charity for people with long term illness. During my time as Chair I noticed that the people I met who embraced culture and used it to enrich and explore their lives found that it enhanced their quality of life. Through accessing and exploring exhibitions, media and gardens that helped people including myself to cope with their current life situation.

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