Welcome to Cultural Life Connection


Hello! Welcome to Cultural Life Connection!

Our aim with this blog is to explore culture in one way by visiting cultural attractions and writing about them but also from January 2015 there will be a separate feature of our blog where we will be exploring culture through the medium of different themes each month. We will also be looking at cultural items where appropriate using a bibliographic, social model of therapy approach and analysing how items of culture can help people to make sense of life and building that Cultural Life Connection!

We will be looking at broadly the following areas of culture: books, films and theatre, galleries and museums and gardens. Sometimes we may decide to focus on specific books, films or plays or perhaps certain plants and museum artefacts or paintings. So we will announce what themes we will be looking at from the 1st of the month and will post throughout that month the corresponding articles relating to the theme.

We are trying to make this blog as universal as possible as we believe strongly that culture is for everyone and that it should be accessible to all. As you can see from our name, we will believe that culture enriches and improves the quality of life for everyone and hope that our blog will reflect this as it develops over time.

If you would like to get in touch or have any comments or queries for us then please contact us at culturallilfeconnection@gmail.com or comment directly on specific blog posts. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we have creating it.