Nobody’s Wife by Laura Pearson

Nobody’s Wife tells a tangled tale of relationships and all their complications. Pearson paints a very evocative picture of relationships between siblings Josephine and Emily. Emily, a teacher is married to writer, Michael who is about ten years older than her. Josephine has always had a close relationship with her sister and her brother in law, even sharing the same house at one point.

Issues start to arise when this fine balance is upset by the arrival of Jack, a bookseller and aspiring writer who Josephine meets and begins a relationship with. Jack is more of a wildcard in a way, passionate and reckless he has had an unstable upbringing and brings turmoil to the lives of the others when he begins an affair with Emily. Needless to say, things happen in the end that are not good as a consequence of this behaviour.

The book beings by saying that “…of the four of them, only three remained,” so you start guessing who will be the one who dies from the very beginning, which is an intriguing touch that Pearson adds.

What Pearson realistically conveys the absolute turmoil that can be caused by affairs. The secrets which seemed exciting and daring at first, cause so much pain and trauma that the participants are left wondering if their behaviour and actions were indeed worth it.

The other characters, the forgotten spouses Josephine and Michael are sympathetically portrayed and you really feel for them as the innocent victims of the Emily and Jack’s reckless behaviour. In a strange way you also have some sympathy for Jack and Emily too as they come across as confused as to what they really want in life and this is something that I think some people could definitely relate to.

Pearson has a gift of creating realistic characters and true to life situations. I like how she explores the bond between the sisters and why they are so close as well as focusing on the affair and other relationships.

This is definitely a good read if you like psychological thrillers but are also keen on books that explore relationships on a deeper level.