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Cultural Life Connection aims to promote the enjoyment of culture for everyone. Here is some more info on who we are and what we do. Each month we explore a different theme which we will then use different cultural items or issues to explore. We also have two key areas to our site, there is the main area that includes culture for people aged 16+ (some of the films reviewed for instance may be UK film certificate 15 or 18) these include posts written by our main editor Jo, Ross and Kyle. Then there are the other posts that we have introduced which are largely suitable for young people aged 10+ and these are written by Grace our Children and Young People’s Ambassador.

Jo – Chief Editor and Film and Literature Specialist Reviews Published
Jo is the Chief Editor of CLC and specialises in Literature and Film. She is not only a keen reader but has experience as a bookseller, has studied film at degree level is an avid film fan and. She has an MA in the Sociology of Contemporary Culture from the University of York and feels strongly that culture should be accessible to as many as possible.

Professional Reader After being diagnosed with a long term illness, she became the Chair of a regional charity and met many people who talked about their quality of life being improved through access to culture. She hopes that this blog will increase the access and enjoyment of culture for everyone. You can contact her by commenting through this blog and also at culturallifeconnection@gmail.com

Kyle – Museums and Art Galleries Specialist

A History Graduate and experienced museum volunteer, Kyle has worked both Front-of-House, and behind the scenes. Kyle recognises that people have different reasons for going to a museum and has a great understanding in how to meet the needs of the different visitors of the museum. He has set about to start this blog post to help share and explore his experiences and make the sometimes difficult to understand culture more accessible for all. Apart from an interest in history and museums. Kyle also enjoys hiking, music and visiting the theatre. If you have any queries for Kyle feel free to contact him at culturallifeconnection@gmail.com

Ross  – Gardens and Gardening Specialist

An accomplished gardener and horticulturist. Ross specialises in gardens and aspects of gardening, firmly believing that gardening improves people’s quality of life however small their living space is, it can always be improved by plants. He has designed and worked on people’s gardens to help achieve this. Gardening started out as a hobby for Ross and now he specialises in growing certain plants particularly cacti and exotics. He splits his time between the UK and Portugal where the climate is more favourable for growing his favourite plants. Aside from gardening, Ross enjoys visiting museums and galleries and watching films and also enjoys travel having experienced the trip of a lifetime to Rio de Janeiro. If you would like to contact Ross then please do so at: culturallifeconnection@gmail.com

Grace – Young People’s Cultural Ambassador

Grace has her finger on the pulse with regards to culture for children and young people. She is our guide to explore what is going on in the world of youth culture and looks at what aspects of culture mean to young people today. She is very creative and has a passion for art and also enjoys coding, Minecraft, singing, reading, watching films, and  interest in Japanese anime especially Studio Ghibli films. If you have any queries or questions to Grace then please address these to her via our site Editor Jo at culturallifeconnection@gmail.com


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